Awamori is considered the oldest Japanese spirit, made of 100% long grain rice and koji-mold.  Similar to Shochu, Awamori bares a stronger aroma and its own unique character. 100% sugar free, gluten free and all natural, it serves as a great alternative to sake.  Until now, it has never been introduced widely outside of Japan. Even now, over 90% of Awamori is still consumed in Okinawa.

 The versatility of many Awamori blends make it an ideal replacement for whiskey, gin and vodka. Enjoy it straight, over ice, or in a cocktail.


Where is Awamori from?


Awamori is made in the Okinawan Islands - the southernmost part of Japan, roughly 2,000 miles from Tokyo. Okinawa is home to 161 islands, originally named the Kingdom of Ryukyu for 400 years, before it was renamed by the modern Japanese Meiji government. According to numerous professional divers, Okinawan ocean water is the clearest in the world. Okinawa is well known as the Land of Longevity, considered one of the few Blue Zones.


Our Mission

There are 47 distilleries and 700 hundred different brands of Awamori that currently exist.  Our mission is to introduce these unique and healthy spirits to the American public.