Features of Awamori

• Made of 100% long grain rice and koji-mold

• Sugar free

• Gluten free

• Low calorie

• 100% natural

• Unique aroma and character

• Helps to prevent stroke (2.4 times more than wine)

• Good for cocktails; replacement for gin, whiskey and vodka

• Never been widely introduced in the U.S. until now

• Made in Okinawa - the Land of Longevity


"I am a die-hard Bourbon drinker, and was a little hesitant to try Awamori for the first time. My first sip was of Nanpu, and I was very pleasantly surprised. The Awamori had a great flavor from the long-grain rice, and a nice mellow character from the aging process. I was surprised to find I didn't miss the oak flavor of Bourbon at all, and enjoyed the crisp, clean finish of the Awamori. The 86 proof gives the product just enough heat to satisfy that craving, and with zero sugar, the hang-over is pretty much nonexistent. I think any whiskey drinker should give Awamori a try over ice. I am sure they will be happy they did."

/  Jeremy WebB  /

Head Distiller - Webb's Grainworks

Aliso viejo, CA